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Forum Rules
These rules apply to all users, no exceptions.
I. Content
   (i) All posts must be in English.
   (ii) You may not post any content that includes supremacism, this includes but is not limited to Nazism, Racism and Sexism. 
   (iii) Please be respectful of other forum users and their beliefs, everyone is entitled to their opinions so long as it is not extremely offensive to one particular party.
   (iv) All content must be posted in the proper category, if you are not sure what category your content belongs in, or, if no category applies to you content, post in Kingdom Discussion.
   (v) Content must be within reasonable length, subject to moderator's discretion.

II. Spam
   (i) Spam is considered to be any repetitive text that does not contribute to the current topic, (or)
   (ii) Spam is considered to be any text that includes advertisement, click bating or otherwise off-topic discussion.
   (iii) Spam via threads or private messages is not permitted and may result in a ban at administrator discretion.

III. Accounts
   (i) Each player of Rise of Kings is entitled to one (1) forum account, you may not create additional forum accounts for any reason.
   (ii) Profile images, signatures or other account text may not include an Nazism, Racism, Terrorist references, Hate speech, Pornography ("NSFW") or content that could be considered aggressive towards one person or party.
   (iii) Accounts must include your kingdom link, unlinked forum accounts will be banned.

IV. Moderation Staff
   (i) Impersonating moderation staff is strictly prohibited.
   (ii) Moderation staff must be respected, their decision is considered an extension of the game admins.
   (iii) Should you feel moderation staff was unjust, prejudicial or unfair, reach out to the game administrator.

V. The Legal Stuff
   (i) By using these forums, you agree to be bound by the Rise of Kings Terms and Conditions.
   (ii) By using these forums, you agree to the Rise of Kings Privacy Policy.
   (iii) By using these forums, you agree that you:
        a. Are 13 years of age or older (and)
        b. Have the permission of parents and guardians (if applicable)
Please contact the game admin if you have questions or concerns about these terms.

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