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Introducing Rise of Kings Online

Rise of Kings Online is a free new browser-based nation simulation game where you can create and build your own kingdom, and by doing so you can trade, conquer, and interact with other players. The game is completely free and offers a dynamic text-based experience for players. The choice is yours, what will you do next?

Build Settlements!

Build Settlements
Build you settlements to become economic powerhouses, or military bases. Settlements are an important part of your kingdom!

Trade With Real Players!

Trade With Real Players
Trade resources on the global market for profit, or to gather the resources needed to build your kingdom!

Research Technologies

Trade With Real Players
Research technologies to unlock new wonders, units and buildings!

And so much more!

Wage war, conduct diplomacy, solve domestic issues, sign treaties, develop policy, and work with players to solve world events. With dozens of additional features planned or in development for down the road! Rise of Kings Online has something for everyone! Beta Registration

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